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Success Stories
Electrifying Business

Click below to read about ProzettaPrint -- our Electronic Procurement system for ordering Print services and creating dynamic PDF proofs. Online ordering can save buyers and printers money, maintain print consistency and improve quality. Included is online reporting and direct access to the printer database.

Proxy Voting

We developed online Proxy voting in 1997 for MIS Corporation, an ADP company, which is now Broadridge. The system was one of the first such applications. It has kept Broadridge at the leading edge in their industry. Click on the link below to see the online proxy voting site.

Off the Beaten Path
Here are links to objective, intelligent and innovative writings (not necessarily in that order). These people see things as they are and speak out intelligently and clearly. I hope more people pay attention to them.

Derrick Z. Jackson (Boston Globe)
Daniel Gross (Newsweek)
Scott Kirsner (Innovator)
Reading stimulates the imagination, which can help your business. Take a break and read one or two of the stories below.

Fighting the Times (2010)
The Big Three-Oh (2008)

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