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Company Overview

TeamShare Solutions was founded in 1996 as an organization that would bring the best and the brightest professionals together to provide innovative technology solutions and individualized services to its customers. Each customer is like a jewel to be treasured. If the customer is ecstatic with our services, we have done our job. Most of our projects are with repeat customers and network referrals. The focus on sharing means that we do our best to share our skills, knowledge and wisdom. Teamwork means we help our customers think of collaboration in every sense: between employees, with outside vendors and suppliers and with us. We have found that working in collaboration with others creates cost efficiencies and better mouse-traps. In teams, we are better than the sum or our parts.

Our team of consultants has business expertise in understanding organizational change and how people interact individually with technology to work most effectively. Information access and sharing reduces worker stress and creates a more productive environment. Our experience of Engagement Management, Innovation, Business Analysis and Systems Development is in five primary business areas:

  • Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • High Technology
  • Printing
  • Our expertise is with the following groups and the tools to develop and integrate applications in these environments.

  • Web Technology and E-Commerce
  • Business Simplification
  • Information Management and Planning
  • Workflow Analysis and Business Process Engineering
  • Document Management and Imaging

    TeamShare Solutions is a collaborative, learning organization with a focus on team successes and interpersonal communication. We value lifelong, trusting relationships with our customers and our intelligent, creative, dedicated partners.


    Eric Braun, President and Managing Consultant Follow SouthShoreEric on Twitter

    Eric has over 20 years of experience in the high tech software and services industry, including 15 years working with startups and running his own companies, where he has worked with billion dollar clients down to startups. As a project manager and team leader, he is well-respected by his staff and customers alike and always focuses on delivering projects on time and within budget while managing the scope and finances. As a technologist, he has a solid foundation in software development, systems integration and workflow. As an entrepreneur and learning executive, Eric is constantly multi-tasking and solving problem while building and running fast-paced organizations.

    As a manager and leader, he builds strong working relationships with employees, customers and vendors through frequent communication. He believes in finding ways for people to exceed their expectations and achieve greater results by raising the bar and showing the rewards of success.

    He has worked in many industries and has performed project management, workflow analysis, business process mapping, systems analysis and design in areas such as:

  • Health Insurance Claims Processing and Customer Service
  • Financial Services Proxy Processing and Fund Reporting
  • Service Request and Work Order Processing
  • Print Company Processes from RFQ to Estimating and Ordering
  • Software / Application Development Process
  • State Government Budgeting and Criminal Justice Processes
  • Departmental Processes: Purchasing, Marketing Collateral Creation, etc.
  • Large Manual Document Publishing
  • Document Management, Imaging and Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Engineering Change Order and Manufacturing Processes

    Eric has a B.A. degree in German and English, with a concentration in Biology from the University of Minnesota. After spending a year studying in Cologne and Paris, he continued his studies at the University of Minnesota where he completed advanced coursework toward a Masters degree in Computer Science. In addition, he has studied at the University of Rochester, NY and in Graz, Austria. He is fluent in English, German and French.
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