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Service offerings often have intangible names, because it is difficult to express the true nature of a service in a name. Our services are geared toward helping senior management achieve real value through results. Those results often include cost savings, improved productivity, simpler and more streamlined operations, or systems that make it easier to get work done. The better know our customers and the better they know us, the more value we both find.

Some of our offerings are listed here.

Startup Catalyst
Within a startup organization, there are many things that need to get done, including keeping the technical team focused and inspired, meeting with customers and potential investors and taking care of business. Often times, there is someone focused on the technology (CTO) and someone focused on sales and finding capital (CEO). The Startup Catalyst role, which can overlap with the CEO and CTO roles, fills in the gaps to take care of the parts of the business that may otherwise fall through the cracks. The role includes soundboarding, inspiring and focusing the team and making sure the operating priorities are met.

Consulting CTO
Someone to help create or revise the technology strategy within an organization. This position is usually a temporary assistant to the existing CIO, CTO or CEO, when the company does not have enough bandwidth to do certain strategic activities.

Business Design Consultant/Innovation Generator
Someone to help a company create a culture of innovation and begin to innovate. The BDC may focus on the whole company or individual business units.

Interim (or part-time) CTO/CIO/VP/Director
When a company is missing a key technical executive, critical projects and goals can be put on hold. This results in stagnation for the organization. We will step in on a full-time or part-time basis and for a designated period of time to assist senior management, business owners, venture partners or board members with keeping things moving where information technology and services are concerned. Our extensive experience managing people and technology will make it easier to bridge the gap. Some of the activities we will help with include:

Strategic Technology Plan: reviewing or creating a plan and managing it. May include reviewing the use of technology.
People: interviewing and hiring new staff, managing existing staff, performing staff reviews
Financial: managing, reviewing or creating the P&L
Application/SW Development: managing projects and development efforts to keep them moving forward
Infrastructure: managing the hardware, software, network and security assets and configuration within the organization
Customer: reviewing customer service and ensuring effective customer relationship processes are in place

Technology Profile Simplification
What is your company's technology profile? The trend within IT organizations is toward simplification and rightly so. The environments have gotten so complex that they require more and more support, more problems occur and there is more susceptibility to failure. Simplification should be one of your goals in a Data Architecture or Data Management plan, but it may also be something you want to look at in your organization structure and in the technologies that you support and deploy. Sometimes, there is a small obstacle in the way to achieving simplification. It could be an application that runs on a platform that is no longer supported within the organization. Prioritizing the time to migrate the application to another platform or use another system to satisfy the functional requirement may not be as difficult as anticipated.

Goals and objectives should be set, along with key decision points, such as:
- how and where to reduce costs
- how to reduce the number of different technologies being used
- how to streamline bottlenecks and improve performance
- how to eliminate redundant data
- how to make system maintenance easier
- how to simplify the architecture for multiple benefits
- how to resolve flaws with the current data models that may be inconsistent across systems

Engagement Management
We have years of experience managing engagements for Consulting Services Projects and Internal Corporate Projects. As an engagement manager, we will ensure that there is constant communication between all parties involved. Project success is tracked by establishing benchmark expectations using documented specfications in the form of a Statement of Work (SOW) which can be made up of Proposals, Letters, Emails, Requirements and Design Documents and Meeting Notes.

Technology Decision-Making
We will use our experience and skills to research, review and compare the technologies within your organization with those available to help you make the most informed decision. If a formal evalutation process is required, we can help you develop an RFP and evaluate the incoming proposals.

Value of Technology:
1) Replaces or simplifies work, thereby improving productivity
2) Speeds up processing time of productive tasks
3) Provides new functionality
4) Allows an organization to better realize its mission and goals

Favorite After-the-Flood Technology: 1) Dehumidifier (automatic, slow) 2) Wet/Dry Vac (semi-automatic, fast) Pump to Empty Wet/Dry Vac (Sold-out)

Application Design & Development
We have been building mission-critical and support applications and systems for our clients since 1996. Our focus is always on quality components of User Interface, Functionality, Performance, and Ease of Maintenance. Most of the systems we have developed and deployted have been web-based, including industry-specific applications, e-commerce sites, extranets, intranets and portals.

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