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ProzettaPrint® Web Ordering and Proofing

ProzettaPrint® is an e-Procurement system for ordering print services over the Internet. The rich functionality of the Web Desktop can be linked to a customer's internal or external website. ProzettaPrint® has been designed to be easy-to-use, secure and productive for organizations wanting to better manage internal or external print services to achieve cost savings and improved productivity. The system can be customized with a client logo, client-specific quick links, and colors schemes to retain your branding image.

The application allows for ordering, tracking and reporting of print items. The web front-end can be connected to the ProzettaPrint database or integrated with the Enterprise32 application from Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), formerly Prism. Although Enterprise32 offers a web front-end, it is not as robust or as user friendly as the TeamShare solution, which includes a shopping cart and a highly customizable interface.

ProzettaPrint® offers print buyers
extensive benefits:
• Improves Order Productivity
• Lowers Process Costs
• Speeds up Ordering
• Reduces Order Cycle Times
• Leverages Lower Prices
• Improves Print Consistency
• Improves Contract Compliance
• Improves Quality of Services
• Increases Spending Visibility

ProzettaPrint® allows print buyers to:
• Order standard items quickly and easily from the catalog
• Send RFQs to one or more vendors and receive quotes
• Compare quotes and order with one click
• Convert quotes to catalog items for future ordering
• Hold orders for higher volume printing or approval process
• Follow the workflow of a print order
• Easily access current and historical Orders, RFQs and Quotes
• Create and view dynamically created PDF Proofs
ProzettaPrint® features enhance productivity:
• Configurable and customizable User Interface
• QuickLinks to related documents or web sites
• Home link back to designated web site
• Quick email links to support reps or other buyers
• Personalized web and email links for each user
• Text searching of current and historical Orders, Quotes, RFQs
• Customizable FAQs for helpful hints or corporate guidelines
• File Sharing of layout files and proofs
• 24 x 7 secure access

In addition to Web Ordering, our print solutions include Web Proofing of items such as customized business cards, note cards, envelopes, invitations, newsletters, etc. A user selects a template for an item and then enters his or her personal data. By clicking on a PROOF button, the personalized data is merged with the template and a customized PDF is presented for review and approval before ordering. This system uses predefined templates that have been pre-designed and pre-approved by the client to provide consistency and professionalism of print items within the organization.

Below are some more projects we have worked on and the solutions we have developed.

Change Management System

TeamShare has developed a complex application to track and manage Change Requests. The system can be used for MIS system changes or any other type of request that requires a form and an approval cycle. The flexible workflow engine allows a manager to easily define parameters for different types of requests and define the workflow for each request type. The application works in both a Web environment and a Lotus Notes environment.

Document Management Strategy and Cost Benefit Analysis

With years of experience in document based applications, TeamShare Solutions assists customers in evaluating Document Management requirements, vendor solutions and implementation strategies. Specifically, we have worked with and evaluated technology from Interleaf, FileNet, Watermark, IntraNet Solutions, PC Docs, NovaSoft, Documentum as well as custom solutions.

Imaging Strategy and Cost Benefit Analysis

With years of experience in Imaging and document based applications, TeamShare Solutions assists customers in evaluating Imaging requirements, Cost/Benefits, vendor solutions and implementation strategies. We have extensive experience defining requirements, determining the cost/benefits of Imaging solutions, implementing high volume imaging systems as well as smaller departmental systems and defining daily operational and monitoring procedures.

Application and System Architecture

Our consultants have extensive knowledge, garnered through years of experience, and offer our customers innovative and effective Systems Designs to meet real business needs. These Designs creatively use proven and cutting edge technology to bring results to a project. The customer's goals and risk factors, as well as TeamShare's insight, drive the choice of technology used for a given project.

Some of our used skills include: Lotus Notes and Domino, LotusScript, Java, Javascript, HTML, CGI programming, Perl, MS Visual Basic and MS Visual InterDev, Internet/Intranet/Extranet configurations and hosting, Windows NT, Unix, IBM mainframe, Lotus Domino, Microsoft IIS and other http and application servers, TCP/IP, Checkpoint Firewall-1, WinProxy, MS Proxy Server.

Web Desktop / Portal (Personalized)

TeamShare Solutions has developed and implemented several Web Desktops for customers. The Web Desktop is a personalized area that provides users links to applications and URLs that they use. Based on login access, the links appear or do not appear on a user's desktop. The Web Desktop provides an easy-to-use central area for users to access web information. Links for Web Mail can also be included on the desktop. Web Desktop management is quick and easy and based on access rights of an application. A desktop administrator can change access to specific applications in seconds.

Email Conversion of Lotus Notes to Google Mail

TeamShare worked with customers who decided to migrate from Lotus Notes Mail to Google Mail and Google Apps. The first step in the project was setting up dual delivery, so that messages sent to a user would first go to Lotus Notes Mail and then to Google Mail. This allowed users to get acclimated to the new system without losing productivity. After evaluating various options, the Google migration application was chosen. Mail that was already in the Google Mail application from dual delivery was not migrated again, because the system recognized the unique identifier of each mail message to prevent duplication. The conversion involved 450 email users and was done over the course of approximately 1 month. For some users, calendar and contact entries were converted.

Internet Proxy Voting and Financial Reporting

Our Internet Proxy Voting application is one of the most advanced applications of its kind and was perhaps the first full production application for voting internet proxies. Shareholders receiving Proxy Cards are given the option to cast their votes using this customized Internet application. After the shareholder enters the Proxy Control number, the application builds the online Proxy Card with its unique proposals, text and company logo. Votes are downloaded to a mainframe for tallying and further processing. The application has been tuned and load-balanced for high performance. Creation of the customized web Proxy Cards is easy and fast using a graphical form and keyword lists.

ProxyWeb Web Application

Lotus Notes Calendaring & Scheduling

Our Lotus Notes team helped a large customer define its group calendaring and scheduling needs and roll out the Lotus Notes calendaring and scheduling features of Notes Mail. Learning how to interact electronically for scheduling activities is a new experience for most users. Process definition and Training are a large part of this implementation. In addition, for another customer, we have created custom buttons to allow for the scheduling of Catering, Video Conferencing and other resources. These buttons include dynamically built menus and forms that are user-definable, which allows for modifications without the need of programming.

Infrastructure Design and Support

With strong skills in a variety of technology platforms, we are prepared to assist with the Design and Support of complex infrastructures. We don't know everything, but we are fast, creative learners and we exploit our knowledge to serve our customers. We have helped customers with design and long-term system administration. We are particularly strong at Domino administration.

Some of our skills used include: Windows NT, Unix, IBM mainframe, Lotus Domino, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Microsoft IIS and other http and application servers, TCP/IP, Internet/Intranet/Extranet configurations and hosting, WinProxy, MS Proxy Server, CGI programming, Perl, Java, Javascript, MS Visual Basic and MS Visual InterDev.

Password Change Application

This application allows a user to change his/her web password in real-time. Related applications have included changing a forwarding email address. This application works with Lotus Domino exclusively. In addition, the application has an agent that will predefine web passwords for users who have not yet set their passwords. An option exists to send Email confirmation of the new password.

Corporate Email Rollout

TeamShare consultants have assisted customers with the planning and implementation of the migration of over 2,000 ccMail users to Lotus NotesMail. The migrations have involved installing software, configuring the desktops, converting the ccMail Post Offices and assisting End-Users with the use of NotesMail. TeamShare Solutions consultants provide hands-on support during the implementation. A key to the successful migrations has been providing personal support at the End-Users' desktops on the morning after the conversion, to assist with any difficulties the users may have had.

Proposal Reference Library

This application centers around a user-developed database of Proposal Questions and Responses. A workflow component tracks the process of creating and approving standard responses and proposal language by multiple users, while enforcing security. Responses can be copied to an MS Word document in three quick steps. Full text searching and keyword indexing allow users to find information in seconds where searches in the previous application took minutes and often resulted in not finding the desired information.

Sales Tracking and Forecasting

This web-based application allows a Sales force to create forecast profiles for each Sales opportunity. The SQL Server database tracks projected revenue information based on the likelihood of closing a deal. On-line Reports display detail or summary information by multiple categories, including Sales Rep, Region and Company.

Employee Directory

Our Employee Directory solution is a Web and Lotus Notes application that provides a place to centralize employee information and company resource information. The employee record includes work address, home address, multiple phone numbers and email addresses. The resource record can be used for conference rooms, office locations, special phone numbers, etc. Keyword lists are user maintainable. An automated workflow process allows employees to request updates to information and tracks those changes. Security prevents people from viewing or updating information that may be restricted.

Web Document Publishing

TeamShare has a template application that allows for easy access and publishing of documents on an Intranet or Extranet. Included are 2 modules -- one for creating and revising policies which includes a robust workflow engine to track the process, and one for holding and indexing the published online documents.

Web Home Pages

TeamShare Solutions has developed several models for easy-to-use and easy-to-update Web Home Pages. Using Lotus Notes, a user can create and modify the main Home Page or pages linked from the Home Page without using HTML (HTML can be used if a user prefers). These models allow for distributed Web Page maintenance while maintaining a consistent look-and-feel.

Kumon of Hanover Web Site

Gunther Tooties Bagels Web Site

Web Policies and Procedures

TeamShare has a template application that allows for easy access and publishing of policies and procedures on an Intranet or Extranet. Included are 2 modules -- one for creating and revising policies which includes a robust workflow engine to track the process, and one for holding and indexing the published online documents.

Problem Tracking

The Web Problem Tracking application was developed for a customer to track Help Desk questions and issues using a Web browser. The problem documents are stored in a SQL Server database for quick and easy access by the browser. The application also allows public users to directly create Help Desk questions and issues that are saved real-time into the production Help Desk queue. Once the issue is resolved, a Help Desk technician can email a response back to the originator of the question.

Time Tracking and Billing

This Web and Lotus Notes application allows remote and local staff to enter their time worked on approved projects (as defined in the project profiles). Time sheets can be entered in weekly increments and include a status area. A schedule can be created by the staff and manager to help in managing time more effectively. The application also tracks customer billing information such as consulting rates, invoice number and date and customer payment information such as paid date and check number. A variety of views allow managers to plan and manage staff time and accounts receivable.

Year 2000 Compliance Tracking

To assist customer in the Year 2000 task, TeamShare Solutions has developed a Lotus Notes Compliance Tracking application. This application allows customers to enter in all internal and external entities that must be tracked for Y2K compliance. During the remediation process, supporting documentation and contact information are attached to the electronic folder, action items and testing plans are created and closed when complete and approvals and statuses are updated. The database reflects the progress made toward the final goal of complete Y2K Compliance.

For similar tracking needs other than Y2K, the database can be modified.

To assist customer in the Year 2000 task, TeamShare Solutions has developed a Web Discussion and Issues Management application. This application allows customers to more effectively work with a remote remediation staff to enter and track questions and issues related to the systems being remediated. It is particularly useful for geographically disperse groups that may work at different times based on their time zones. Questions and Issues can be assigned to specific groups or people who can be sent an automatic email tickler with a URL link to the specific question or issue in the database.

For similar discussion or issues management needs other than Y2K, the application can be modified.

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